Are you a…feminist?

To me this sounds like a silly question, I might respond with a statement along the lines of; “Of course I am a feminist, arent you? I mean if you aren’t a feminist, what does that make you? A misogynist?” But unfortunately not everyone has such a high opinion of feminism. In order to undermine the feminist movement a great number of negative stereotypes have been perpetuated such as the man-hating, ugly, lonely, angry woman who is a feminist only because she cannot find a man etc etc. Of course these stereotypes are nonsense, but they have served to give the so called “post-feminist” generations (a term that I particularly abhore – its certainly not like feminism is ‘done’) pause about self-identifying as feminists.

Which is why a film like”Feminist: Stories from the Women’s Liberation Movement” is so important. This independent film, made by Jennifer Lee (@JenniferLeeUSA) documents the significant events of the Women’s Liberation Movement of the 1960’s and 1970’s and talks to a number of prominent feminists including Gloria Steinem and Betty Friedan. Its aims to show why feminism was and still is so important and highlight the progress we have made as well as the obstacles left to overcome.

But this is an independent film and as such needs your support. Already 62 people have donated to help get this film made, but more funds are needed. Pledge anywhere from $1 upwards and help to document and celebrate the Women’s Liberation Movement. If you pledge $15 or more you receive a digital download of the film, and there are many other donation categories that include added benefits such as posters, badges and tote bags (and even an Associate Producer credit for the highest category!)

So please visit the kickstarter website for the film (, watch the video and pledge your support!

About feministletters

Gender inequality has gone on long enough. Its time to raise voices and shout out wherever inequality, sexism or violence against women occurs. This is our little corner of the world where we try and do just that. Will you join us? Join us on facebook at: Or follow us on twitter @feministletters We welcome comments and discussions from everyone. If you would like to contribute a post please email us at
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