Carry on…human trafficking.

A sex romp, if my knowledge of British films is anything to go by, involves a man dressed in a sailor suit and women in bikinis running around to 70’s music at 2x normal film speed. What a sex romp does NOT involve is a wealthy sports star paying to have sex with an underage girl who has been forced into prostitution. Period.

So why did the NY Daily News describe it in exactly this fashion? The title of the piece was: “Lawrence Taylor hit with lowest-level sex offender status for romp with 16-year-old girl” ( and went on to say that:

“A judge slapped former Giants star Lawrence Taylor with the lowest-level sex offender status Tuesday for his admitted sex romp with a 16-year-old girl.”

It was not a sex romp, it was rape. It was rape of an underage girl. It was rape of an underage girl that said she was forced into prostitution. It is bad enough that this slimeball got off with only probation and classification of only the lowest level sex offender status, but can we please not diminish his actions in the reporting of these events?

The excellent sherights blog, which I definitely recommend you check out about this article, brought this to my attention, and has suggested that we all write to the journalist who wrote the piece, Jennifer H. Cunningham at to let her know that this use of language is neither accurate nor appropriate.

Please write today!

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