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Gender inequality has gone on long enough. Its time to raise voices and shout out wherever inequality, sexism or violence against women occurs. This is our little corner of the world where we try and do just that. Will you join us? Join us on facebook at: Or follow us on twitter @feministletters We welcome comments and discussions from everyone. If you would like to contribute a post please email us at

A hard week so far…

I am in a male dominated profession (science) and I have risen fairly high in my career, faster than most people my age. As a result of this, I feel like people sometimes make snap judgements about who I am … Continue reading

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The lady’s not for sinking

This morning I was awake stupidly early and ended up watching a bit of a documentary about an aircraft carrier being sunk and turned into an artificial reef (yes I know, I am a geek). It actually was quite interesting, … Continue reading

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20:1 for the Nobel Prize

Today the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine was awarded to…three more men. Not to belittle the achievements of these men, but it struck me yet again that there were no female awardees to be seen. And its not like … Continue reading

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The United States of Anti-choice.

Guest post from Jenn Anderson at ToughxCookies Once upon a time, there was a young girl. Pregnant at seventeen and severely uneducated about sex, it was during what she thought was an unexplainably intense period that she learned what a … Continue reading

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Petition for removal of anti-choice lobbyists from gov sexual health forum

The anti-choice lobby group LIFE has been appointed to the new government sexual heath advisory panel. This is disturbing for a number of reasons. LIFE is a group that opposes abortion in all circumstances  – in their words “The most … Continue reading

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Tories cosy up with anti-choice groups

More pro-abstinence, anti-choice bullshit. According to a press release, a new group has been established “The Sex and Relationships Education Council – a new umbrella body representing sex and relationship education providers” ( They go on to say that “The … Continue reading

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Tory War on Women

I have been tweeting recently about recent examples of the Tory War on Women that seems to be well underway. I thought it might be worth compiling these into a list. I have a feeling these might start piling up… … Continue reading

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Being gay is indecent.

Something has been playing on my mind recently, and it’s an accumulation of many subtle influences over the years. It’s the idea that somehow being gay is somehow more sexual and sexually explicit than being straight. It came to light … Continue reading

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Carry on…human trafficking.

A sex romp, if my knowledge of British films is anything to go by, involves a man dressed in a sailor suit and women in bikinis running around to 70’s music at 2x normal film speed. What a sex romp … Continue reading

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Adidas responds, and then posts a video of women competing to be best dressed.

Here is the response I received after sending the letter of complaint to Adidas. I do believe they just don’t give a shit. Dear Madam Thank you for your enquiry, as a brand we take all feedback into consideration.  Women … Continue reading

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